This is a HUGE TOPIC with a half a dozen CUBEs with in such as Health, both yours and your teams', exercise and the role it plays in our CREATIVITY as well as all measurement in your attempt to assess yourself and your work like the Incremental graduated cylinder measuring lbs vs kg, weight as it relates to gravity as well as length, success, etc, etc, etc...and the real killer is stress.  

But the topic at hand is your pump, your organ of choice and your love.  Our hearts are the most beautiful, dynamic, fullest part of our creative life and at the center of everything; absolutely everything.  So we keep heart rate at the top of our highest priority CUBE.

Love is love is love is love said my dear Lin-Manuel Miranda at the HAMILTON dominated 2016 Tony Awards and made my heart flutter. And in the room I sat, I felt our cumulative heart(s) flutter.  And this is where our HEART RATE is a TANGIBLE data point that we can use to our advantage.  How do you translate this into your creative life?  Please discuss and God Bless.



This is a touchy subject.  These days, when we say, "on the spectrum" about an individual, we are flirting with the subject of mental health.  I am not versed in that topic and will stay away from that and leave it to the EXPERTS, but, I would like to suggest that EVERYTHING is a SPECTRUM.

Creatives know, and scientists regularly re-prove, that where we are in TIME and where we are along the SPECTRUM are inextricable.  Some of the spectrum we explore in CollabRjabbRing are:


Some common phrases we use: "there is a lot of grey area there" or "that decision is not black or white"...have you heard these? From my experience, it begins in VALUE and HUE and the saturation of the color aside, the spectrum of dark to light is the easiest for me to see.  

You too?  Please comment below to discuss...and G_d Bless.



...is everything, right?  But have you thought about it in regards to moment by moment interactions?  As CREATIVES, we must.

The HOW is dealt with in a differnt post on thsi blog so in this discussion, lets focus in on the WHEN; "not where are we, when are we", is my fav line in the classic TV drama, LOST.  Have you seen it? If not, check it out...but its apt as in every MEETUp, you have an opportunity to get caught up in the SENSORIAL ELEMENTS that you want to talk about, how you say something to another PLAYER and the hundreds of other things running around in your mind, but the only critical thing to remember is that crazy variable of WHEN.

And for me, its grabbing the opportunity to NOT SAY what just popped in to my head.  It took me YEARS of CollabRating before it even occurred to me that I could keep my mouth shut.  And what really helped me realize this, was the mindfulness training. I got out of my body just long enough to realize that the other players have the same capacity in their heads too.  They are also a little manic, have cycles and think that their sensorial element is just as cool, just as lovely AND just as relevant to the discussion at hand.

Once I truly grasped that their ideas were JUST as important, I then had to internalize that their ideas might be even MORE important!?! And since I am too arrogant to concede that their ideas are more important, I focussed in on something I decided was an OBJECTIVE FACT which is that their ideas could be better for the TEAM to discuss at that moment.

What do you think?  How do you practice?  Please use this space to discuss and share ideas freely, we will curate and make it as timely as we can...and God Bless.


Vision: I can't really SEE my minds eye from within my mind


Take your eyeballs out of your head and put them in the projection booth

Actual time passing:

How long it takes you to level up a phases

How long it takes you to check in/out




Play Pause FF and REV - which to choose and when to choose them for yourself or for the team…


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