Our founder wrote a "Book"

Auspiciously and humbly labeled as a book, CollabRjabbR Founder & CEO, Charles Carney Kirby the 2nd, released a tomb this past week in honor of his 48th birthday and society's desperate need for a tangible plan specifying exactly how we will truly walk together in to Reality 2.0. Using an astute combination of cutting edge technology he calls CollabRative GEAR & 3000 year old common sense Mindfulness Techniques, Mr. Kirby paints a picture of a de-Centalized Creative Community as well as path to get there together in peace; like a Hansel & Gretel metaphor of leaving breadcrumbs for the Millennials and whomever comes next.  

 Mr Kirby @ a recent conference in one of his favorite cities, SALT LAKE, where he spoke on a panel about pre-visualization as it was in the 20th century.

Mr Kirby @ a recent conference in one of his favorite cities, SALT LAKE, where he spoke on a panel about pre-visualization as it was in the 20th century.

ColLAB101: a guide from Physical Reality through Augmented Reality to get to Virtual Reality Safely is a practical guide, not an abstract predictive text in any way. It lays out how to renovate conference rooms, classrooms and dining rooms in an affordable manner and then supports the necessary GEAR (ie hardware needs) to accomplish this feat with software assets such as a V-R Experience, a PinCUBE'd Project Management tool as well as wearables such as his new Check Yo Self app now available on the App Store and Google PLAY Store (these links obviously work best if you are reading this on the smartphone). 

Below is rough draft of a practice seesion of Mr. Kirby talking thru the "book" content in approximately 33 minutes but it pales in comparison to experiencing the entire BOX that is included in the deluxe version.

This a version of something I think is interesting presented in a way that is more coherent than the last time I tried to explain the visions in my head...

At ColLAB101 they are hesitant to call the Content Presented a book because it is accompanied by a soundtrack and video compilation of images that float alongside you as you are reading the words on the page (and of course there is an audiobook too but it cannot be played on one iDevice at a time and artistically the sound of the authors voice rivals the aural soundtrack provided in the deluxe BOX). Also the BOX comes with Aromatherapy, Swatches of blankets as well as nosh for two.

My Kirby claims that we will be able to save all 5 Sensorial Elements (taste, touch, sound, sight & smell) to our Trello Cards & Pintrest Boards in the very near future and if you include the right wearables, individuals and teams could also pin how they FEEL, the subjective holy grail of sensory experience he calls my physical reality. 

For more information regarding press about this release call Svitlana Zavialova @ +1 917 453 4762 to schedule an interview with Mr. Kirby.

Press release for CollabRjabbR iRoom @USDAN




WHEATLEY HEIGHTS, NY - April 25, 2017 - Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts -- the nation’s preeminent summer day camp for the arts— today announced the launch of The Incubator Project — a new program which provides the Camp’s creative faculty access to and space on campus to cultivate and develop artistic ideas off-season. Kicking off The Incubator Project will be Usdan’s long-time musical theater artistic director Charles Kirby who –—exploring the question of how virtual reality and creativity together can change our real lives— will showcase The Harkness iRoom, the first-ever pop-up iRoom on Long Island. It is a 360-degree interactive room pop-up in augmented reality which will be free and open to the public by appointment from April 25-April 29 at Usdan (185 Colonial Springs Road, Wheatley Heights).

The idea for the installation was cultivated during a narrative image project Kirby presented in the Czech Republic in spring of 2015. Upon returning to design for Usdan that following summer, he began exploring how bleeding-edge technology like VR could be used for teaching and playing and creating better art. Of particular interest: How the technology could get creative teams to get their heads out of their little screens and make eye contact with one another more often. Hence, Kirby’s project was born by utilizing off-the-shelf technology to transform the walls of one of the music rooms into a touch screen “Makerspace.” According to the creator,

“It’s kind of like a Steve Harvey game show meets

Steve Jobs’ sensibility.”

"We’re thrilled to have Charles kick off The Incubator Project,” says Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director of Usdan.  “Charles has been a member of the Usdan family for over a decade.  He is an incredible member of our faculty – a group composed of the most extraordinary educators, creators, and artists. They are part of what makes Usdan the unique experience it is during the summer. It’s our distinct pleasure to be able to stay engaged with them by offering members of the creative faculty the time and space to incubate and develop their artistic ideas beyond the camp season.”

"I considered the mindful, collaboration techniques I learned with my theater colleagues and combined them with the apps and gear we use in 360° filmmaking today to explore an enhanced physical reality when we meet up." says Kirby, "I was inspired to try to put it all together in one platform for my artistic community. I am thankful to the be the first of The Incubator Project at Usdan and to have access to the space and tools on the Campus to try something completely new.”

Mr Kirby believes that this is just the beginning of reality 2.0 and that how we will make, play and do absolutely everything within some form of augmented reality – as evidenced by the success of the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Android cell phones in everyone’s pockets, that we already function in some form of VR/AR but how does it relate to our physical reality; and what will be next?

Those interested in attending can make an appointment to visit his installation on the Usdan Campus (185 Colonial Springs Road, Wheatley Heights) on www.CollabRjabbR.com/events  or calling 917-453-4762. More information is also available by following @CollabRjabbR on Twitter and Facebook LIVE.


An Art Director for film and theater (www.charleskirbydesigns.com & www.thematics.net) as well as the inventor of the Fiber Optic/LED truly 3D pre-visualization tool known around the world as LIGHTBOX (www.seeLIGHTBOX.com), An enthusiastic Long Island CollabRjabbRer, Mr. Kirby has worked for the past 10 summers as the Artistic Director of USDAN’s renowned musical theater program.  

About Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts

The nation’s preeminent not-for-profit day camp for the arts, Usdan (usdan.org) has been declared a “Best Of” camp by TimeOutNY/Kids, and by NY Metro Parents. Diverse and playfully rigorous from the start, for nearly fifty years we have brought world-class teachers and visiting artists – actors, directors, playwrights, painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, dancers, poets and novelists – to teach and collaborate with Usdan campers ages 4 to 18. Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts ignites each child’s artistic spirit in a fun, welcoming environment. We believe art making is brave making, friend making, freedom making and future making. Usdan is an agency of the UJA-Federation of New York. All programs will take place at the camp’s magnificent 140-acre woodland campus, located at 185 Colonial Springs Road in Wheatley Heights, NY 11798.

Media Contacts:  

For Usdan: Meryl Cooper, meryl@theCOOPERationinc.com, 917-974-0022

For CollabRjabbR: Charles Kirby,  917-453-4762  or Charles@CollabRjabbR.com  

Wearables and other Tangible Data

What can we learn from ourselves?  The other people in the room are judging a book by its cover or maybe, if they are kind, trying not to; but we have direct access to ourselves so why not utilize it? And if we are going to tap in to the nether regions of our psyche and biological rhythms, what will we learn?  And what will we do with the information?  And how will it affect or change us?

The research technology is serving up a silver platter of devices that we can use to our advantage, but how?!  And when should we wear them and how will we interpret the data?  And will it effect our work positively or negatively or every which way from Sunday?


We at CollabRjabbR suspect that a few main aspects of ourselves, contribute heavily to the creative work we all do, how we interact with other collabRators and how we make what we make. The brain, the heart and the skin seem to be vital.  Sleep, exercise and hygiene also seem super relevant.  What else makes a diiference for you and your teams?  Please post below and maybe we can do some research together.


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