Here are a few frequently asked questions.  If you don't want to look thru this ever-expanding list or if you have any other questions or just want to CONTACT US to respond to some of these positions, please do, we would love to hear from you!  But here are a few thoughts from our side:

What do you mean by "CREATIVES"? Anyone who is on the hunt for an new angle, a different point of view (POV) or way of thinking with the intention of using that cutting edge POV to make better work. syn. progressive, intellectually curious,  

What do I get with my CollabRjabbR Membership? Depending on the pricing, Members can shop for discounts by redeeming JabbRGems in the Marketplace, Create CUBE Projects, Link SENSORIAL ELEMENTS into projects and PLAY along with the project using the Check Yo Self APP and select CollabRation GEAR.  It is broken down in more detail on the JOIN US page.

Why did you make up CollabRjabbR? Our founder has been collaborating in the Film and Theater world for twenty years as well as teaching those art forms. Our team wanted to try and use cutting edge technology to see if we could enhance teamwork in creative processes in a similar way that we encourage success on sports teams: hard work, thoughtfulness and gear.

What does MINDFULNESS have to do with it? Absolutely Everything.  Simply by bringing my attention to the bottoms of my feet and/or my breathing, we believe that you are able to be a more EFFECTIVE COLLABRATOR.   

How do you decide what is more or less effective?  We don't really mean to decide, we want to help you and your teammates decide so we compile TANGIBLE data from CONNECTED DEVICES and INTANGIBLE data gathered through the answers to the 20 questions and compare them with your TEAM's stated goals and defined values.

What are CONNECTED DEVICES? CollabRjabbR has partnered with a curated set of businesses that are ALIGNed with our mission. These businesses are often selected by our teams because they make something we could use to enhance our collaboration in our creative lives.  So our APP, Check Yo Self, connects to the devices around you in the INTERACTIVE ROOM.

What is the INTERACTIVE ROOM? Just as it sounds, it is a conference room, classroom or performance space that has been infused with all of the CollabRation GEAR we need to MAKE: Creative EXPORTS as well as a user interface that includes your phone, your WEARABLES and the touchable walls made interactive through a series of projectors, touch screen TVs and infrared cameras. This enables teammates to choose how to engage along the SPECTRUM of ENGAGEMENT.

What are the GENRE of CollabRation? We define six macro genre of team play: REAL, as in estate planning like architecture, interior design or urban planning; FOOD, as in opening a new restaurant, or family dinner; LIVE, as in a music tour, theater production or church youth group meeting; SELL, as in a TV commercial, a new product or a business; LENSED, as in a film, episodic web series or   PUBS, as in curating a YouTube Channel, publishing a magazine or     

What are the PHASES of CollabRation? We define the five phases of collabRation as BRAINSTORMING, DEVELOPING, ALIGNING, IMPROVING and MAKE(ing).  Our intention is that these phases are not linear and that TEAMs can jump around within their PROCESS but that they are strings of time that, when defined and codified for the TEAM, are exponentially helpful.

What makes for more Effective CollabRation? We value exercise, the sun, patience, location of 

What is the SPECTRUM of ENGAGEMENT? Many peer reviewed studies have led us incorporate this engagement spectrum as fact. Since we all began carrying a phone in our pocket to every meeting, society has had to confront the new truth about the other people at the table: they are not as engaged in what you are talking about because of this distraction. Collab101 is looking to use all of this paradigm to our advantage because leaving our phones off is worse and often leads to LESS EFFECTIVE CollabRation.

How do you intend for a team to EXPORT it's Project?

How do you define a WEARABLE Project?


What is a CUBE Project?

What is FREEFORM CollabRation? This is a WHITE LABEL genre of team where you can tailor the logos, phases and questions on the app to your institution directly and the values on the success and failure of the CUBE Project, TEAMS and GEAR can be in line with your mission statement and intention.

What is CHECK YO SELF? This is an app intended to be played along with your CUBE Project.  It has six games inside it where players answer 20 questions and 

What is a MEETUP?

What are JabbRGems?

Why are JabbRGems distinguished from POINTS on the app?

Is there an ANDROID version of the app yet? No not yet but soon...stay tuned!

What is alt-Space This is our favorite new form of social media and MEETUp Space.  We hope to encourage a seamless transition for your team between an in person meeting and a meeting where you cannot be in the same room but you 

What is the SPHERICAL PROJECTOR and does IT EXIST yet? It is a concept where a clear, round ~1meter ball is hung from the center of any conference room and emits images on all 4 walls, ceiling and floor as well as infrared in order to map the room and immerse the players like a combination of KINECT and Room Scale VR.

If you have any other questions or just want to CONTACT US to respond please do, we would love to hear from you!


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